Some more recent cases

Here are a few more examples of the deals we have been working on lately. Whilst we don’t share every case, it does give an insight into the types of funding we arrange and the various business types that we can help.

Commercial Mortgage for additional trading premises

Our client, an engineering business was looking to expand but the existing premises that they owned were no longer fit for purpose. The client found a larger property on the market and whilst the location was perfect, the property was too large for the business at the current time. However, there was the opportunity to rent out part of the property to other tenants.

Using the existing premises as additional security, we sourced a commercial mortgage for full £1.6m purchase price of the new premises. The business now benefits from premises that are far more suited to their business operation and have the benefit on some rental income as well.

Unsecured Business Loan for Garden Buildings manufacturer

Our client, a manufacturer of garden buildings had recently installed a new sawmill on site. Due to the costs in setting up the new facility, this had put a strain on the cashflow. We managed to refinance an existing loan allowing some additional funds for working capital and spread the term over a longer period. The clients’ monthly repayments were lower than they were on the previous loan. The loan of £150k, over a 6-year term was unsecured, but an unsupported PG was required.

Invoice Finance Facility for Courier Business

Our client, a Courier Business that had recently undergone a restructure of their business and was looking for a facility to help with cashflow.

With drivers to pay weekly but customers paying monthly cash was becoming tight. We sourced an Invoice Finance facility for the business so they can now access cash as soon as they raise their invoice and know wages can always be paid on time without waiting for their customers to pay.

Commercial Mortgage for Purchase of Trading Premises

Our client, a construction company was currently renting their trading premises and had the opportunity to purchase the property from his landlord. We sourced a commercial mortgage of £320k / 70% LTV over a 20 year term through a High Street bank to facilitate the purchase. The bank was also willing to accept security over a plot of land that the client owned in lieu of part of the deposit meaning that the business still had cash in the bank to provide working capital to the ongoing business.

Commercial Mortgage (Refinance and Capital raise) for Manufacturer to purchase additional premises.

Our client, a manufacturing business owned their own premises but had outgrown it and the property next door had come on the market. The client wanted to purchase the adjacent unit in addition to their current one.

Surprisingly, their existing bank did not want to support the additional commercial mortgage request however we were able to source 100% funding from another High Street bank by refinancing the existing mortgage and using the remaining equity in lieu of deposit for the purchase.

Whatever your business type or funding requirement, why not get in touch to see how we can help you access the funding that you need.

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