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Commercial Mortgages

Are you looking to raise finance to purchase a property for your business or for investment purposes? Or you may be looking to raise cash against a property already owned?

Commercial mortgage loans allow investors and business owners to buy owner-occupied, as well as income-producing, commercial properties. The duration of commercial real estate loans vary, having terms up to 25 years, and the fees and interest rates can be just as varied.

When seeking a commercial mortgage, you will first want to know if you qualify. Mortgage lenders will review a range factors in order to determine if you qualify for a commercial property loan, including:

  • Property value
  • Loan-to-value ratio
  • Debt-service-coverage ratio
  • Net worth
  • Liquidity
  • Credit rating

Secured / Unsecured Business Loans

Cash is the lifeblood of any business, and if you are looking for an injection of cash then a business loan could be the answer.

We can source both secured and unsecured business loans from £5,000 to £500,000 with terms from 3 months to 5 years. So whether you’re looking to fund a new contract, purchase an asset, take on additional staff, move premises or simply want an injection of working capital, we can help you with and submit your business loan application.

Invoice Finance​

Invoice finance enables you to release the cash tied up in your outstanding customer invoices. Invoice finance gives you an immediate cash injection and then an ongoing supply of funds into the business based on your level of sales.

Whether you are a new start, or experiencing a period of growth, invoice finance could benefit your business.

Revolving Credit Facilities

A revolving credit facility lets businesses unlock cash tied up, not only in unpaid invoices but also against its stock and/or work in progress (WIP).

It works much like an overdraft: once the business has been granted a limit, they can draw down funds and make repayments as often as they like. Businesses only pay for what they use: if their balance stays at £0 throughout a month, that period will not cost a thing.

In most cases there are no arrangement / set-up-fee and charges are calculated against drawn funds and not the turnover of the business.

Merchant Cash Advances

A Business (or Merchant) Cash Advance is a form of cash advance that is made by a bank or specialist lender to a business. Business cash advances are often used by small businesses who may struggle to get typical Bank funding.

Lenders will typically lend between £5,000 and £200,000. There are no APR’s, additional charges or late payment fees. Just one simple all-inclusive cost.

Unlike a conventional business loan, a merchant cash advance is often paid back via a percentage of the business’s credit card sales. This means that when business is good, a larger amount of the loan is repaid but when business is slow, you pay a smaller amount. Repayment will typically be between 5 and 10 months. With no fixed monthly payments, they are also a good form of financing for businesses with unpredictable, inconsistent cash flow.

Funding is open to most business sectors but is especially popular for pubs, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauticians, online businesses, retailers and garages (non-car sales)

Bridging Loans

Bridging loans are a short-term, interest only loan, typically for a term of between 3-12 months secured against property. They are used by those in need of finance, to quickly complete on a property purchase or business investment.

Bridging loans act as a temporary finance solution for an individual or business until they seek permanent funding or release cash by selling an asset.

Bridging loans can usually be completed quicker than other forms of finance and can allow you to take advantage of an opportunity such as acquiring a property at auction or if you need to renovate an un-mortgageable property ready for rental or sale.

As the loan is interest only and for a short term, lenders will need to understand how the loan will be repaid. Usually this is through the sale of the property, after refurbishment, or by refinancing with another lender on a longer-term loan or mortgage.

Development Finance

We work with you to find the right development and/or refurbishment finance for your needs, be it a £30,000 loan to help fund a single new build or conversion, to multi-million £ schemes to fund much larger residential housing schemes.

* Converting a property into flats
* Building out a multiple unit site into houses/flats
* Using land you already own including your current garden to build another house to sell for profit
* Up to 100% funding available in some cases

Lenders will assess your application taking into account the following;

  • The experience and track record of the individuals being the development company;
  • The level of borrowing required compared to the costs of the scheme (including cost/value of the land);
  • The level of borrowing required compared to the projected value of the scheme when it is complete.
  • The market demand for the completed scheme, either as a sale or to rent;

If you have a scheme you want to discuss, why not get in touch.