Price incentives for Invoice Finance

The Invoice Finance market has become increasingly competitive over recent years as more and more lenders have entered the market.

Here is the latest price incentive from one of our lenders to encourage businesses that are either new to invoice finance or looking to switch from an existing provider.

For new Invoice Finance clients between 1st January – 31st March 2024 there will be:

  • No Arrangement Fees

And for the first 3 months clients will also benefit from:

  • 0% Discount (over BoE Base Rate)
  • No Minimum Service Fee (Service Fee % still applies)
  • Free Same Day CHAPS Fees

Clients opting to benefit from these discounted rates will be subject to a 12-month minimum term – so it’s always worth weighing up the options as other lenders may not require a minimum term. I always say with Invoice Finance, it’s not all about price. A lender might offer it cheap but if it doesn’t generate the funding that you need then it’s not going to work for you.

If you’d like to find out whether invoice finance could work for your business and explore the different options, please get in touch.

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