Positive news in the Commercial Mortgage market

There’s positive news in the Commercial Mortgage space at the moment!

Over the last couple of weeks, several lenders have reduced their interest rates AND increased their Loan to Values up to 75%. This shows the increasing competition of the specialist lenders in the commercial mortgage space.

This can only be a positive thing for businesses looking to purchase their own trading premises, refinance an existing commercial loan, or property professionals looking for commercial property as an investment.

We’ve also seen a couple of lenders reduce their minimum loan amount from £150k to £50k which is great news for those who are looking at purchasing smaller properties.

And hopefully, before the end of this quarter, some of the specialist lenders who hadn’t previously been able to offer fixed rates should be making announcements in that regard.

If you’re thinking about buying new trading premises, or looking at commercial property for investment, why not let us explore the market for you.

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