Personal Guarantee Insurance

Personal Guarantee Insurance protects your personal assets if your business faces insolvency. We have partnered with Purbeck Insurance Services, a specialist in this field to provide you with a solution which protects your home, savings and pension if your lender calls in a personal guarantee.

The key features of the insurance include:

  • 80% cover for PGs signed in support of secured finance.
  • 60% cover in the first year for PGs attached to unsecured finance, rising to 70% in year two, then 80% in year three and thereafter.
  • A maximum level of cover of £550,000 for secured loans and £300,000 for unsecured loans.
  • Unlimited access to the Business Support Service which provides invaluable support during financial difficulties.
  • £10,000 cover for a professional debt negotiator to arrange settlement with the lender.  
  • Cover for multiple Directors on one Policy at no extra cost if the PG is signed on a joint and several liability basis.
  • Cover for multiple guarantees on one Policy.

Personal Guarantee Insurance is available against a wide range of business loans, including invoice finance, asset-based loans, commercial mortgages, peer-to-peer loans, development loans and more. Why not have an informal chat with Purbeck and make sure that you are not risking your personal estate unnecessarily.

How to get a quote

Contact us for an application form or follow the link below to access it online. A member of the Purbeck Team will contact you shortly after to discuss your options.

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